A company is a separate legal entity and most are formed as limited liability companies. The liability of a shareholder of a limited liability company for that company’s debts is limited to the share capital that the shareholder has contributed, or agreed to contribute, to the company. We have the know-how to manage and administer companies in most of the favourable offshore jurisdictions, for example, the British Virgin Islands, as well as in onshore jurisdictions such as Switzerland, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

The services we offer include:

  • company incorporation
  • selection and appointment of appropriate directors, company secretary or other company officers
  • acting as a nominee shareholder
  • statutory compliance, including maintaining corporate records and making statutory filings
  • tax compliance
  • administration, accounting and the managementof company assets

Benefits of companies
Companies are useful tools in estate and tax planning and can be used for a wide range of purposes, for example, as investment and holding vehicles for real estate, investment portfolios, intellectual property rights and other assets. No matter where assets are situated, they can all be held by a single legal entity, which can continue in existence for an unlimited period.