A foundation is a separate legal entity that combines the attributes of a trust and a company. When a foundation is formed, a person (the founder) transfers some or all of his assets to the foundation itself. The foundation (and the foundation assets) is managed by a council in accordance with a constitutional document (often known as a charter) and for the benefit of beneficiaries. Foundations can be formed in a range of jurisdictions, including Liechtenstein and Panama.

The services we offer include:

  • formation and registration of foundations
  • acting as a member of a foundation council
  • acting as a protector (a person who supervisesthe management of a foundation)
  • administration, accounting and the managementof foundation assets

Benefits of foundations
Foundations can continue in existence for an unlimited period and can be used as investment and asset-holding vehicles. They have many of the same advantages as trusts. They can be used for estate and succession planning, tax planning and asset protection.

The founder and beneficiaries are afforded an increased level of anonymity and privacy – the foundation itself, and not the founder or the beneficiaries, will be the registered owner of the foundation assets.